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Want to share feelings with others without them parting judgement on you?

Today on most social media interactions, people are seldom there to support each other, especially through real challenging times or be open about matters whether it be through sheer shyness, embarrassment, fear of having sentiments held against them or just feeling uncomfortable sharing their feelings to people who they know.

Moreover, the subjects that are talked about are usually there of a superficial nature, as if a compromise was made somewhere in a stitch of time, an unwritten rule, where subjects of conversation and feelings are not open in a fashion one would expect to help deal with real issues of loneliness and depression affecting many despite having a long list of friends on social media and even in real life, these are the introverts; shy-recluses, some even appear as extroverts; outgoing-socialisers, on the surface.

Lonely and Depressed (L&D) aim to help build a community which shares their experiences with each other in an open, honest manner and without holding judgment against each other, no matter what the cause or trigger should be.

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You may be at home, isolated from the world, lost friends and family through natural causes or may simply have lost touch over the passage of time, there are many ways that lead to being lonely.
Feelings of loneliness can affect us all in different ways, some of us are feeling symptoms of loneliness even when we surround ourselves with people we know and our loved ones, we carry feelings of being ignored, being misunderstood or sometimes not understood at all. Simply talking to others helps alleviate burdens which otherwise become unbearable and sometimes life limiting, preventing you from living a fuller life and reaching your full potential in life.

At Lonely and Depressed (L&D) we aim to connect people of like mindedness, to share those feeling and hope for you to blossom, dispel those dismal days of being alone, giving you the assurance that there’s someone out there in a similar position to yourself who understands what you are going through and is willing to listen to you, you are important, people around you need and value you, you’ve just either never been told or you just don’t know it yet!

It’s so difficult to describe depression to someone who’s never been there, because it’s not sadness. I know sadness. Sadness is to cry and to feel. But it’s that cold absence of feeling – that really hollowed-out feeling.

— J.K. Rowling


In many cases loneliness can also lead to depression, however, not the only reason. Those who are suffering depression or symptoms of, or those supporting someone going through it as well as those recovered from it, all too well know how difficult an illness it is to face on your own.

From having that first panic attack out of the blue and in most cases at the most crucial parts in our lives, when we needed to be certain, feels as if you’re having a heart attack, you struggle breathing, chest starts feeling tight, the diaphragm refuses to move as if encased by ribs which tighten with each breath. The sudden dizziness, sleepless nights, fear of uncertainty, fear in general. The anxiety that’s always there and refuses leave no matter what you try.

From my own personal experience, many times I’ve been met with the comments during mid conversation when I’ve opened up about being lonely and depressed:

“Hey, you look normal, you don’t look depressed.”

You can see when someone has a broken bone from the cast that’s been placed around the broken limb or when they’re on their crutches but when suffering a mental illness, it’s less evident and many people around you may simply not understand the internal turmoil you will be going through and in many cases, it really helps to talk to others who have been through the same or similar illnesses as you.

When people ask me what it feels like, I get them to imagine if someone very close to you has died, you carry an immense grief and then at the same time, imagine you are on a rollercoaster, teetering on the edge, just about to go on that big drop down, the anxiety and fear comes into you, you have both symptoms continuously 24/7 and they do not go away. With the right kind of help and support you can manage these conditions of anxiety and depression, eventually returning to the life you once recognised as normal and more.

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